About Us

We at AG Jewellers believe you deserve the finest bespoke jewellery masterpieces for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Our motto is to provide this at the Best price, Best service and Best quality achievable, all while focusing on a memorable customer experience.


Best Price

Being a 3rd generation in the industry, our family pioneered the jewellery industry dating back to 65 years ago. This has enables us to be in a unique position as one of the only companies who can benefit our customers from the jewellery based on a ‘mines to market’ concept. Our family started with mining gems and diamonds first and were one of the biggest gemstone dealers in the world and then progressively moved into cutting and polishing of stones and finally into manufacturing of jewellery. This is an enabler for us to create a direct link between the manufacturer and the customer which is pivotal to a customer as this then provides an avenue to avoid the cost of the chain value, avoiding paying 4 to 6 middle men, therefore making good quality jewellery within reach at the most honest price and at a fraction of the cost. Our built reputed generations of network and affiliates of over 6 decades is leveraged by the customer to achieve the best value for a closest to cost possible without compromising on excellence of quality. This enables jewellery, gemstones or diamonds to be attainable at the best cost price possible without the burden of overheads transferred to the customer through the value chain.


Best Quality

Our factory and workers work hand in glove to maintain top-notch quality at the highest standard possible. All diamonds/gemstones are handpicked and go through stringent internal testing processes to make sure the customer obtains the best colour, best lustre, sparkle and value. The team of in-house designers are tasked to execute design aspects to perfection using CAD technology and impressions to suite the customers’ needs and allow the customer to visualize their bespoke purchases. The finished jewellery masterpiece screens through quality checks from each field expert before it reaches the customer. Customers no longer need to splurge on exorbitant prices for exquisite jewellery, and yet still be assured that the quality is never compromised.


Best Service

We pride ourselves at AG Jewellers to go above and beyond expectations as we understand the fundamental and sentimental value of each jewellery purchase and we value and respect each customers personal choice. We aim to be the trusted resource for all your future jewellery investments for generations to come.

We are available after hours and weekends for our bespoke customers to cater to any queries. Our prime goal is to ensure that all our customers are satisfied, happy and content with their jewellery purchase.