About AG Jewellers

As a family, we have been passionately delivering fine jewellery & gemstones for three generations. From having our own mines to manufacturing jewellery, we are one of the few companies to follow the principle of mine to market. This has given us an edge over the competition and made us one of the world’s leading wholesalers and manufacturers of diamond and gemstone jewellery. We ensure you the best price, best service and best quality.

Best Price

The millennials and our third generation have pioneered the jewellery and gemstones industry dating back over 70 years offering a remarkable range of unique diamond jewellery. This has enabled us to be in a unique position as one of the only companies that can benefit our customers based on a ‘mines to market’ concept. We started with mining gems and diamonds and were one of the biggest gemstone dealers in the world. Knowledge expertise helped us to move our learning curve from cutting and polishing stones to creating world- class jewellery customized to individual market needs.

Our team of qualified and skilled artisans has helped us to create a direct connection between the manufacturer and the customer which is a game-changer for customers, as this provides an avenue to avoid various middle men. Crafting carefully chosen diamonds into the most strikingly designed jewellery of supreme quality and at the most competitive market price is our forte.

Over generations, we have built networks and affiliates ready to be leveraged by our customers to achieve the best value for the closest to cost possible without compromising on quality. This enables you to get jewellery, gemstones or diamonds at the best cost price possible without the burden of overheads transferred to the customer through the value chain.

Best Quality

Our team of skilled and qualified experts are dedicated to maintain the best quality at the highest standard possible. All diamonds and gemstones are handpicked and go through stringent internal testing processes to make sure the customer obtains the best colour, best lustre, sparkle and value.

Our team of in-house creative designers are tasked to execute design aspects to perfection using CAD technology and impressions to suit customers’ needs and enable them to visualize their bespoke purchases. The finished jewellery masterpiece screens through quality checks from each field expert before it reaches the customer.

Best Service

Our abilities and superior knowledge of the market keeps us a step ahead of competition giving us an edge above expectations. We understand the fundamental and sentimental value of each jewellery purchase hence respect and offer each customer unique products as per their personal choice. We aim to be the trusted resource for all your future jewellery investments for generations to come. Having control of production makes it possible for us to cater to every need.

In an effort to serve you with the highest quality service we are available around the clock to cater to any queries about your bespoke jewellery. Our prime goal is to ensure that all our customers are satisfied, happy and content with their jewellery purchase.

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